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A "few" fake vids, or…


From the Pallywood saga, we present: GAZAWOOD

Before you is presented a collection of videos coming from the residents of Gaza, 

showing the people of the world who are not familiar with Middle Eastern affairs, 

that Israel is "killing" them. How true is this, if at all? 

And how widespread is the phenomenon and does it tip the scale of public opinion?

Judge for yourself.

Where are is the world?

Palestinian boys ask for donations with the same text

The Palestinians show videos of the released prisoner Moaziz Abayad claiming he was severely abused

No kidding

A dead body "resurrected" in the middle of a funeral

A good Gazan mother teaches her daughters Pallywood

Why do we care about them if they heal so quickly?

Dying to die

Better than Charlie Chaplin

Palestinian film industry

Pallywood in Hevrom

Doll being used as injured baby

More Great fake news stealed from real news

Palestinian film industry

More dolls in palestinian film productions

So sad. No, really.

Ambulance brings injured doll to hospital

Gaza power! Wounded people remove themselves by running and lie down on a stretcher

This guy knows how to do Pallywood with his eyes closed!

I think we'll have to start holding a "worst makeup" contest.

One of the best episodes of Pallywood ever

Report: Completely clean teddy bears rescued from the rubble in Gaza completely accidentally found themselves in the middle of an over-dramatic video

Is he a sales agent for AliExpress dolls?

They never die

I always suspected they were zombies…

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